Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Tejaswi Guttina for sending in these results from Saturday’s WWE live event in Delhi:

* The Miztourage faced the Indian Duo of Jeet Rama and Kishan Raftar who were a part of WWE’s tour to India last time. As the match progressed, the Indian duo got support from their home crowd and went on to defeat the Miztourage. Later, the Indian Duo saluted the crowd for their support.

* WWE Raw Women’s Championship match was next between Alexa Bliss and Sasha Banks. The match didn’t last for too long. Alexa had the upper hand and ended up defeating Sasha to retain the Raw Women’s Championship.

* Next up was one of the main matches for the evening where The Shield faced Samoa Joe, Sheamus & Cesaro. The crowd went wild as the Shield made their way to the ring. Roman got a huge pop from the crowd. Cesaro, Sheamus & Joe had the upper hand before Roman gained the upper hand and the crowd went wild for a Superman Punch from Roman. Finally Reigns pins Cesaro after a Triple Powerbomb from the Shield. The crowd went crazy after the Shield won.


* Titus O’Neil & Apollo Crews defeated Luke Gallows & Karl Anderson.

* Enzo Amore defended his Cruiserweight championship against Kalisto.

* Braun Strowman defeated Kane via DQ. The IGI Stadium went wild as Kane made his way to the ring. Tables were brought out and then Kane brought a chair to the ring, which caused him to get disqualified. Kane tried to chokeslam Braun, but Braun escaped and chokeslammed Kane through a table as the crowd cheered for Braun.

* Main Event: Jinder Mahal vs. Triple H. Both men got a huge pop as they entered the ring. As the match started, Jinder had the upper hand. There were Stephanie chants in the crowd as the match progressed. The match started swinging in both directions as Jinder gained the upper hand for some time, and HHH would get the advantage later.

Jinder applied a figure 4 on Triple H, where HHH barely manages to escape and out of nowhere, HHH hit Jinder with a pedigree and pinned Mahal, only for Mahal to kick out at 2! “This is awesome” chants from the crowd as both men laid on the mat. Jinder got up for a Khalas but got distracted by the crowd and HHH capitalized on the opportunity and hit another pedigree on Mahal for the 1-2-3. Triple H emerges victorious from the match.

After the matchn Triple H called Mahal and praised him. He said India is in good hands with The Modern Day Maharaja. Mahal thanked the people of Delhi and India in Punjabi. He promised that the next time WWE comes to India, he will be the WWE Champion. He saluted everyone and left the ring.

Kartik Arry contributed to this article.