WWE Live Event Results From MSG (12/26): Roman Reigns Vs. John Cena, Cage Match, Absolution, More

Thanks to Wrestling Inc. reader Kartik Arry for the following WWE live event results from tonight's show in New York City at Madison Square Garden:

* Matt Hardy defeated Bray Wyatt. Matt Hardy came out to new piano music rather than his old theme. They're going all in on the Woken Gimmick. It was a fairly typical match, where Bray had control with headlock for a while. Matt hit a Side Effect on Bray on the apron, which did not look pretty. Matt made his comeback, Delete chants everywhere but only when prompted by Matt. He managed to avoid Sister Abagail a few times and hit the Twist of Fate for the win. Fine opener.

* Elias & The Good Brothers sang. Elias got one of the biggest reactions so far. He sung Freebird for a verse as the Good Brothers dance along and the crowd was pretty into it, but nearly as much when he started insulting the crowd in a Freebird parody. He got really good heat but cutoff by the start of the next match.

* Rhyno, Heath Slater, Goldust, Apollo Crews & Titus O'Neil defeated Curt Hawkins, The Revival & The Miztourage with Elias. This was kinda confusing as Rhyno & Slater came out, then Goldust who was working face for some reason. You'd think this was a 3 vs 3 match but no, Titus Worldwide came out next. Then the heel team came out to Miz's music. The match wasn't half bad, Apollo impressed the crowd with his Moonsault, Heath got a few "Heath's got kid" chants as he got worked over. Hot tag to Rhyno leading to the schmoz. Miztourage ran in and got thrown out by Heath & Goldust, Revival got rid of them, Titus Worldwide to them. Brawl to the outside, Elias gets on the apron to distract Rhyno, who knocks him down onto everyone. Hawkins set up for the Gore on him, only to run into a spinebuster for the loss. Fine match, nobody was too over though.

* Enzo Amore defeated Kalisto to retain the Cruiserweight Championship. Enzo got a strong pop but got his heat back by saying that he used to sit in MSG and watch from above, now he's looking down on everyone. He keeps continuity by insulting New Yorker Big Cass. Kalisto didn't get much reaction but he got more of a reaction when he started getting his s--t in. He kicked Enzo in the face and stole his wig, and put it on, it was fairly funny. Kalisto had control for a while until Enzo cheated to get the advantage. He got in some rest hold before Kalisto got his comeback, including botching a Springboard DDT in. He hit a 450 but Enzo kicked out. He went for another top rope move but Enzo pulled him down and got the Eat Defeat for the win. Pretty fun, lots of joking from Enzo who mocked Kalisto constantly.

* Samoa Joe defeated Finn Balor. Finn got a good pop, made a nice little speech about being here in MSG for Christmas. Joe got a good pop as well, lots of Joe chants. Finn had some fresh white gear on. This was the best match to this point. Lots of good back and forth between both guys, they've got great chemistry together. Joe teased the Muscle Buster but Finn got out. He made his comeback, complete with Slingblade and Shotgun Dropkick. He went for a the Coup de Gracie, but Joe cut him off and got him in the Coquina Clutch for the tap out and the win. Best match of the night up to the time of writing this.

* Asuka & Dana Brooke defeated Alexa Bliss & Nia Jax. Asuka got a good pop, Dana got absolutely nothing. Nia got a very good pop, only to be blown away by Alexa's pop, biggest of all the Women tonight. I rag on her booking but she is definitely over as a result. This match was very flat, a "this is boring chant broke out" as Asuka had to mix it up with Nia & Alexa and nobody beat up anyone. Eventually Dana got tagged in and worked on, before Asuka got the hot tag on Alexa, got the Rolling Armbar and won by tap out. Not very exciting but Nia & Alexa were pretty entertaining with their antics, Nia carried her like a baby out as the faces got their posturing in.

* Braun Strowman defeated Kane by DQ/ Kane got a good reception but Braun got the biggest pop of the night to this point. He's the only dude to seem like a star thus far. He was beloved, great to see his booking has payed off big time. So with both men needing to look strong to face Brock at the Rumble, we got a none finish. Very quick back and forth before a brawl to the outside, where Braun brought a table in. Crowd loved to see the table. Kane went back outside and hit him with a chair for the DQ, beating Braun down before attempting a chokeslam on Braun. He blocked, pwoerslamed Kane through the table and got his posing in to a strong ovation before they went to an intermission to set up for the next match. Biggest takeaway is that Braun is the man.

* Seth Rollins & Jason Jordan defeated Sheamus & Cesaro in a Steel Cage for the Raw Tag Team Titles. Very fun match, the crowd was into it. Lots of what we've seen before in their match with the Hardys but still lots of fun. It got real exciting as Seth managed to escape but Jordan was still stuck inside. They start to attack Jordan like crazy, causing Seth to climb up to the top of Cage and dive onto the Bar. It was a race out from there, this time with Jordan escaping first. They hit a Double Team White Noise for a very close two count. I honestly was thinking the Bar might win for shock factor but he kicked out. The Bar climbed up separate sides as Seth went up the opposite side. Cesaro escaped first, but Sheamus got caught in an Electric Chair by Jordan as he tried to escape, allowing Seth to drop down and get the win. Very fun match, probably my favorite so far as I actually bought into something shocking possibly happening.

* Roman Reigns defeated John Cena. I know I've said this a few times as the shows gone on, but this was the best match of the whole night. I have to say that the crowd wasn't that into a lot of what was going on but boy were they into this. Tons of chants, mostly "Let's Go Cena/Cena Sucks". I wanted to see something shocking, I wanted to see The Face who runs the Place become a grand slam winner. Interestingly enough I was hearing a more lower toned "Let's Go Cena" followed by a high pitched "Cena Sucks!". Funny to see how the tides have turned. This was essentially their match from a few months ago minus the promos. Back and forth, trading comebacks. Cena hit the shoulder blocks and the back-suplex slam, but Roman got up before the Five Knucke Shuffle. He knocked him down with his clotheslines before going for the Superman Punch and getting caught with the Back Suplex into the Five Knuckle Shuffle. Cena goes for an AA, Roman reverses into a Samoan Drop. Cena goes for a leg drop, Roman reverses into a powerbomb. He goes for the Superman Punch and Cena moves, getting him into the STF. Roman hits a Superman Punch but Cena kicks out. Roman goes for the Spear but Cena catches him and hits the AA for a very close nearfall, very good kickout by Roman. I actually thought I was witnessing history for a second. Back and forth "Yeah/Boo" punches with Roman hitting Cena and Cena falling to the mat. Roman covers but Cena kickout and rolled over with Roman in his grasp, setting him up for an AA again but Roman got off his shoulders and hit the Spear for the 1-2-3 and the win.

Overall this was a lot of fun, Cena matches always are if only for the crowd sometimes. The crowd was split, not quite evenly as Cena was the clear favorite and Roman got a cold reception, but he wasn't being booed mercilessly. Cena shook his hand and raised his arm to send the crowd home.


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