WWE Looks At Top 10 Mic Moments Of 2017 (Videos)

WWE posted their top ten moments on the mic for the year featuring stars like Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, Samoa Joe, The Usos, and John Cena. Here's the complete list with videos.

#10 – Roman Reigns – "This is my yard now" (Raw, April 3)


#9 – Kevin Owens – "You just gave your word that I can beat a McMahon senseless" (SmackDown LIVE, Sept. 12)

#8 – Enzo Amore – "I dare any one of you to touch me right now" (Raw, Oct. 2)

#7 – The Usos – "It's not paranoia, it's The Usos" (SmackDown LIVE, Feb. 21)

#6 – Samoa Joe – "Something very bad is going to happen to you right now" (Raw, June 5)

#5 – Big Cass – "You're damn right I did it" (Raw, June 19)

#4 – Triple H – "I am trying so hard not to be that guy anymore" (Raw, Jan. 30)

#3 – The Usos and The New Day – "Y'all should get back to doing what you do best, and that's carrying bags for Roman" (SmackDown LIVE, July 4)

#2 – The Miz – "How many moments do you two get?" (Raw, Aug. 21)


#1 – John Cena – "I can do this part-time better than you could ever do it full-time" (Raw, Aug. 28)