Young Bucks On If The Elite Would Leave The Bullet Club, RAW Invasion, What Kevin Owens Told Them

On episode 373 of The Art Of Wrestling, pro wrestling podcast pioneer Colt Cabana was joined by The Elite (thee, thee Elite). Among other things, The Young Bucks weighed in on why The Elite will not split from The Bullet Club. Additionally, the Jacksons talked about the group's chemistry and the invasion of RAW angle from their YouTube series, Being The Elite.

In addition to noting that the members of The Elite, Kenny Omega, Matt Jackson, and Nick Jackson, have no control over who joins The Bullet Club, Nick confirmed that The Elite has not, and probably will not, split from the greater Bullet Club due to merch sales.  

"Trust us, the three of us have said, 'let's split', but no one will allow it because the merchandise is too big. That's the reason why it hasn't split and probably won't split up."

According to Matt, the current lineup of The Bullet Club also featuring Hangman Page, Marty Scurll, and Cody is his favoite incarnation of the Bullet Club because they have a lot of chemistry.  

"When [Luke Gallows, Karl Anderson, and AJ Styles] left, that's why we formed The Elite. We were planning the next phase. And this is easily the biggest The Bullet Club has ever been and it's my favorite [lineup]. I just tweeted this last night, this is my favorite version of The Bullet Club by far! It's the most chemistry we've ever had, I think."

In Matt's estimation, The Young Bucks got the most online hate that they have ever experienced after their invasion of WWE Monday Night RAW on Being The Elite.

"Oh my God, yeah. I'd say probably 50-50. I mean, the hatred was probably from people who don't follow me on Twitter anyway or don't even know who I am. They just heard about me from the invasion and all the people who love our show loved it. Do you know what I mean? So it's either, 'we love you,' 'you're the greatest,' 'you're changing the [pro wrestling] business' or 'I hate you and I want you to die.' It's one of the two."

Matt asked the wrestleverse rhetorically, "why you mad at me? I'm trying to give people options here. Be mad about the 20 guys that signed with the other place!"

Nick claimed that former WWE Universal Champion Kevin Owens told the Bucks to expect more hate as they get more famous.  

"Matt and I have had that specifically a lot lately and it's crazy. I get comments that actually hurt my feelings."

Nick continued, "we actually talked with Kevin Owens about this and he was like, 'the more you grow in popularity, [the more hate you get].'"

Also on the subject of the Bullet Club invasion of RAW, Matt said it was more about advancing Being The Elite's ongoing storyline than anything else.

"It was more about us blowing that storyline off, so it almost bothers us, like, 'no, no, you didn't watch the show for what it was for - you're just watching the show because we did an invasion' and it was the first time they'd ever seen it, so watch the whole show. Like, we found the stooge now. Come on! Like, it wasn't just about, 'let's cause a stir and get heat with WWE officials.' No, it was more about the show."

Additionally, Nick talked about the time and effort that went into putting together their invasion angle and he shared that the Jackson Brothers have BTE storylines planned for the next several months.

"We had this planned months and months and months ago and we built the story on Being The Elite for months. And we knew that they would be there that day. We planned it all."

Nick divulged, "we have storylines planned for the next six to eight months that [Cabana] already know[s] about. We think of these things ahead of time, more than most major wrestling companies, which is crazy."

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