– Above is the Wrestle Kingdom 12 promo for Cody vs. Kota Ibushi with English subtitles. The match was initially for the ROH World Champions, but Cody lost the title to Dalton Castle at ROH Final Battle, earlier this month, so this is just simply a singles match. Be sure to join us for complete coverage of Wrestle Kingdom 12 on January 4, beginning at 2am ET!

– Due to the popularity of this year’s Wrestle Kingdom 12, NJPW announced they will be opening more seating for fans who show up for tickets on the day of the event. They did note the view for the stage and video screens could be a bit more difficult to see from these new seats. Evan (@EvanDeadlySinsW) is a moderator for the NJPW section on Reddit and provided the translation and potential areas where more seating could become available.

– A fan on Twitter posted a video from ROH All Star Extravanganza VII, which took place in September of last year. They noted how hard Nick Jackson went through the table in the video, and Jackson responded saying it was the most painful bump in his career. Another fan asked if he feels big bumps or if the adrenaline blocks it out. Jackson replied he couldn’t breath after that particular bump and as he gets older, he feels more, even with the adrenaline going.