– WWE Hall of Famer Larry Zbyszko has a small role in the movie Dead by Friday, which is now available on Amazon Prime at this link. The movie was filmed a few years ago and is one of the last films that Richard Hatch stared in before passing away. Zbyszko plays Jessie, one of the mob boss leaders, and can be seen in the trailer at the 0:44 mark. In a common occurrence throughout his career, his name is misspelled in the credits (they spelled it ‘Zybysko’).

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– Zack Ryder apparently was upset with Cody Rhodes over an inaccurate story over a famous photo that CM Punk tweeted out many years ago. Six years ago, Punk tweeted the photo below when he was WWE Champion, Daniel Bryan was World Heavyweight Champion, Zack Ryder held the U.S. title, Cody was Intercontinental Champion, Beth Phoenix held the Divas Championship and the Tag Team Championship was held by Kofi Kingston & Evan Bourne (Matt Sydal).

Rhodes said that Punk wanted the photo to be “just for us”, and then Ryder immediately tweeted it out:

After getting an angry message from Ryder, Rhodes fixed his version of the story, noting that it was actually Punk who tweeted the photo out: