Alberto El Patron On Why His Promos Are Better In Impact Wrestling Than WWE

Alberto El Patron spoke with the Miami Herald about the freedom he has in Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett, and if he would ever wear a mask again. You can listen to the full interview in the video above. Here are some of the highlights:


Enjoying the freedom of working for Impact Wrestling compared to WWE:

"They let you be yourself and just do it on the fly, it feels better. People appreciate that even more, it's natural. When I went back to Impact Wrestling for Bound for Glory, I was just telling the truth and speaking from the heart and making people open their eyes to the situation. And it's going to continue, as long as I'm at Impact, I have the freedom to say what I think. ... I keep hearing people say 'Every time you're on the mic in Impact, it's amazing. What happened? Why wasn't it like that in the other company?' Well, the reason was I never had that freedom."

Jeff Jarrett and the current group running Impact Wrestling:


"I was having a lot of fun with Jeff Jarrett, he's a personal friend. He was the one giving me the opportunity to have my Dad and my Brother in that storyline with LAX. I was always grateful for that and wanted to say 'thank you' to Jeff for giving me the opportunity to have them in the ring with me, but it was also a fantastic storyline. It was not something they just did to please me. ... I know Jeff is no longer with the company, but we have another group of people with the same idea, with the same goal, which is to take Impact Wrestling to the place where it belongs."

If he would wear a mask again:

"That would be amazing! That would be fantastic, but it's a little bit difficult when it's done in Mexico. Once you lose it, you lose it. They don't want to see you wearing it, they would feel like you're disrespecting the lucha libre tradition, but I never lost the mask, it was a personal decision. I never lost the mask in the ring. I decided to remove that mask and give light to Alberto Del Rio. ... Maybe for my last match, maybe for the day when I say 'adios' to the pro wrestling business."

Alberto El Patron also discussed Konnan and what 2018 will look like for Impact Wrestling. You can listen to the full interview above and hear more audio clips by clicking here.


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