Backstage News On Hulk Hogan Being Considered To Join The Bullet Club And Why It Didn't Happen

One of the most noticeable names who did not appear on the 25th Anniversary of Raw was former WWE Champion Hulk Hogan. When Hogan was released from WWE in 2015, the company removed him from the opening introduction video, and disconnected any affiliation with him. Over the past year, it was thought that Hogan was going to reconcile his relationship with WWE, specifically from comments his daughter Brooke made in the latter half of 2017.

Hogan told the Associated Press, "I don't know if they want me back. I think the fans want me back. I think that I'm part of that company from the ground up. Triple H I know is a huge fan of the guys that gave their blood, sweat and tears and their personal life to make this happen. I know Triple H would love to see me back on the inside again."

WWE issued the statement, "At this time, WWE remains committed to its decision."

At 64, Hogan has made it clear to AP, and various times on social media, that he still has one more match left in him. We reported last April that Hogan was asked during an autograph session if he would join Bullet Club. He responded, "I would love to be in the Bullet Club. I'd love to be the OG for the Bullet Club. Teach them boys how to really get corrupt."

Regarding Hogan's interest, Matt Jackson of The Young Bucks told Sports Illustrated last September, "I'd love to welcome Hulk in. He's honestly my favorite wrestler of all time, so working with him in any capacity would be fun." His brother Nick added, "I'd love to have him walk us down the aisle at the Tokyo Dome while the three of us play air guitar. That would be a dream come true."

Hogan reiterated his interest when speaking to AP, stating, "I'm about ready to jump on a plane and fly to Japan and get involved with that Bullet Club, man. I'm so excited about those kids."

According to The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there were legitimate negotiations with Hogan joining Bullet Club. However, the biggest setbacks were Hogan wanting too much money, and the faction being hesitant to make the move based on the feeling that Hogan would jump to WWE the moment that they were interested in bringing him back. This happened before with Impact Wrestling during their days as TNA. Hogan teased a TNA debut in 2003 but then returned to WWE in 2005. Hogan eventually officially joined TNA in 2009, and later returned to WWE in 2014.

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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