Bayley Talks Having "Weird Obsession" In The Past With Current RAW Star

On the inaugural episode of WWE Superstar Superfan, radio personality and pro wrestling enthusiast Peter Rosenberg spoke with WWE Superfan #1, it's Bayley! Among other things, Bayley discussed how her WWE obsession took root, her fandom of The Hardy Boyz, and meeting John Cena and Rey Mysterio in the same day at two separate appearances in two different cities.

According to Bayley, The Rock was her favorite for a long time and Team Xtreme made WWE an obsession.  

"I loved The Rock," Bayley confessed. "He was my favorite for a long time. And then, when the Hardys and Lita got together, that's when I was like, 'oh my God, I'm obsessed!' It just became a huge, weird obsession. Not 'weird' like I would stalk them or anything, but you just couldn't see my walls in, like, my room. And I would hang posters of Lita, and Trish [Stratus], and stuff from my ceiling and my friends probably thought I was like crazy. 'Why do you have women hanging in your room from the ceiling?' That's weird, right?"

Also during the show, Bayley shared that she used to get picked on for wearing pro wrestling t-shirts.

"Yeah, I was teased a bunch because I always wore the t-shirts." Bayley said, "and I had a basketball coach in high school [and] I would always wear it under our warmup suits we had to wear to our away games, and every time I'd walk on [the court] with a t-shirt, she'd say, 'no, if you wear that wrestling shirt, you're not playing tonight,' so she stopped me from wearing wrestling t-shirts."

Bayley admitted that she wanted to be a Hardy when she was a teen.

"Yeah, [pro wrestling tees were her every day clothes] with the chokers or the ball necklace the Hardys used to wear. I painted my nails black. Like, I just wanted to be them."

In response to a photo of the then-15 year old 'Hugger' embracing Matt Hardy, Bayley said her boyfriend at the time probably broke up with her because she would not stop talking about the now 'Woken' Matt.

"I had a boyfriend at this time that I met in like a summer school. Then this happened, and I swear, that's all I could talk about, 'oh, and then, he did this in his match and he gave me a hug. And look at all these pictures.' And I was posting it all over Myspace and stuff. And I literally think the reason the guy broke up with me was because I couldn't stop talking about this. I don't know if he was jealous of if he was just like, 'this chick's weird!' Yeah, it may've been a combo of both, but Matt Hardy ended my relationship, so whatever, man!"

In true superfan fashion, Bayley met Mr. You Can't See Me at an optical store in San Fransisco, California and she met the high-flying lucha legend at an Oakland, California Popeye's location.

"This [photo of John Cena] was [taken] in San Fransisco." Bayley continued, "it was an eyeglass place or whatever. They sold glasses. Yeah, they used to run in some weird places. Like, I remember going to bail bonds. This exact day, I was in Oakland meeting Rey Mysterio at a Popeye's. And then, I drove to San Fransisco to meet John Cena in the same day."

Check out the show in the video above. If you use any of the quotes from this article, please credit WWE Superstar Superfan with an H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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