Bruce Prichard Talks His Last Run With Impact Wrestling And Why He Left

Bruce Prichard returned to Impact Wrestling in March of 2017, but left the company less than six months later in August of the same year. Recently on the Wrestling Inc. Podcast, Prichard explained his departure from the company to Raj Giri, Glenn Rubenstein, and Chris Featherstone.

Prichard said he's open to returning to Impact Wrestling. The reason he had to leave to company after such a short stint was because he had other obligations he had already committed to prior to re-signing with Impact.

"The door's not closed. It was a situation of we were doing more live shows and my schedule conflicted with their television taping schedule," Prichard said. "The last date in August, we were live on August 17th or 18th, I had live shows in New York that had been booked long before I had agreed to do anything with Impact. They had all my dates. I knew that I wasn't gonna be able to make a lot of the tapings and they would have to adjust. I could've come in and just shot a bunch of stuff pre-taped, but I don't know that that would've helped them or me."

Prichard said he enjoyed his time in Impact because was not a backstage official this time around. Being able to work solely as an on-screen talent was more suited to him at this stage in his career, but eventually he knew he would have to leave the company so Jim Cornette fired him.

"I had a great run there... I had fun, I had an absolute blast going in there and working with those guys because I got to do it strictly as a talent," he said. "But the time just came that I knew that was my last day, and so Corny fired me, put a nice little bow on it so I can leave and quietly left and no one ever reported that I was gone from there."

Prichard said he would participate in backstage proceedings as little as possible. He was always willing to offer insight when called upon, but for the most part he stuck to working as a talent.

"My backstage presence was relegated to I would sit in the agent meeting and then I would go into my little cubbie where I was and do other real work for the rest of the day. When it was time for me to come out and do my segments, I would come on out and do my segments. It was great because I was just a talent. If they asked me my opinion on things, I was more than happy to share my opinion."


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