Chris Jericho Responds To Criticism Over Dedicating Match To Chris Benoit And Eddie Guerrero

As noted, Chris Jericho took to Instagram this week and dedicated his New Japan Pro Wrestling Wrestle Kingdom 12 match against Kenny Omega to two of his late friends, Chris Benoit and WWE Hall of Famer Eddie Guerrero.


Jericho, who failed to capture the IWGP United States Title from Omega at the Tokyo Dome, took to his YouTube channel before the match and responded to fan criticism he received over the dedication.

"I get a couple smart ass remarks here for an Instagram post that I put up of this great fan art that somebody drew of me, with kind of the spirits of Eddie and Benoit behind me, and I said I dedicate the match to those guys," Jericho said. "Yeah, I know what Chris did, I think about it every single day. I was involved more than any one of you are so trust me. I understand the horrible, horrible events that took place. I'll never forgive it, I'll never understand it but I have my reasons for doing what I'm doing.


"So don't anybody tell me, don't anybody make smart ass remarks about what I say and what I do," Jericho continued. "Nobody tells me what to do. I have my reasons and I think about the loss of Nancy Benoit and Daniel Benoit every single f–king day. So that's enough of that, I'll never talk about it again."

You can watch Jericho's full comments in the video above.