Daniel Bryan Status Update And Speculation On Him Being A Surprise WWE Royal Rumble Entrant

There has been speculation on Daniel Bryan possibly returning to the ring as a surprise entrant in the WWE Royal Rumble match on Sunday but The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Bryan has not been cleared to wrestle as of earlier this week and that is not expected to change this week.

There has also been speculation on Bryan somehow being involved in the Rumble and winning without taking a bump, but there's no word yet on if that will be the direction they go in.

Bryan recently appeared on Peter Rosenberg's podcast and revealed that he will not continue working as SmackDown GM when his contract expires later this year if WWE doctors do not clear him.

"If I get a bad test somewhere along the line, I won't wrestle," Bryan said. "But I also, will probably, when my contract is up, I'd probably, if I'm still General Manager at that point, I'd probably step away from that part of it because just being around it, I love it a little too much and I need to transition. I need to get this focused because I'm very good at focusing on one thing, right? But then, I need to switch that laser focus to something else like saving the starving polar bears. So yeah, assuming everything continues as it has been going, when my [WWE] contract is up I would wrestle elsewhere if WWE would not clear me."

Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter

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William Windsor contributed to this article.


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