DDP Says Ronda Rousey In WWE Could Get The Same Kind Of Attention As Mike Tyson In 1998

As noted, rumors continue to swirl about former UFC Champion Ronda Rousey joining WWE imminently and potentially making her debut at the Royal Rumble this Sunday. Despite these rumors, Rousey noted two days ago that she was headed to Columbia to finish shooting the movie, Mile 22, and wouldn't be back until mid-February.

TMZ Sports caught up with Diamond Dallas Page and asked his thoughts on Rousey possibly coming to WWE and Page likened her to another big name who made a splash in the company, Mike Tyson.

"Rousey will get that same kind of attention like when [Mike] Tyson came in, and they did a thing with Steve [Austin] and Shawn Michaels, which was money," Page said. "It really helped balance the [Monday Night] War, and eventually gave [WWE] the edge."

Most fans will remember the famous "Tyson and Austin!" brawl that took place on Raw in January of 1998. Tyson became the special outside enforcer at WrestleMania 14, where he counted the pin for Austin and dropped Michaels with one punch after the match.

Page didn't stop there with the comparisons, saying that a match between Rousey and Charlotte reminds of him of his first match against Goldberg - who had only wrestled for a year at that point - for the World Championship.

"I think Rousey coming in is pure money and I think that Charlotte is so good at what she does," Page replied. "My first match with Bill Goldberg, it was for the World Title in 1998, Bill had only been wrestling a year. Well, we stole the show. Because I was going to make Bill look as good as he was, and he was great. He had that incredible charisma, personality, and that 'it' factor, Rousey has that same thing. I think if it's built like that, it could be really great."

Wrestling Inc. President Raj Giri took part in a media call with Triple H this week and asked him if talks with Rousey have been about a long-term relationship.

"We had discussions and we've talked about a million different things," Triple H said. "The point I've shared before is kind of where we're at with sharing it, but she's interested, we're interested. We've had back and forth conversations. We're busy. She's busy. Getting to the point of being able to sit down and hammer something out has not happened yet. But the interest is clearly there."

You can see Diamond Dallas Page's full comments in the video above.

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