Don Callis On Rey Mysterio Rumors, Why Impact Is Using 4-Sided Ring, Moose's Injury, April PPV, More

Impact Wrestling conducted a media conference call today featuring Executive Vice Presidents Scott D'Amore and Don Callis. You can listen to the full teleconference in the video above. Courtesy of Wrestling Inc. reader Himanshu D, below are some highlights from Callis:


Going back to 4-sided ring:

* For going back to the 4-sided ring, he feels that primary importance is creating an environment where talent can flourish from top to bottom. He said that he preferred the 4-sided ring, as did talent.

* He has no plans to be in front of the camera.

* He said it's been great to be around the boys, but there's a steep learning curve being around the TV filming. It's an intense learning experience, but he's having fun.

* There will be a live PPV in April being announced shortly.

* On reports of Rey Mysterio signing with Impact wrestling: "I read lot of rumors so I kind of don't put a lot of stock into rumors. Fans look at who they like to see and I totally get it."

* He admitted that they have a short honeymoon period and have to make the most of that. His goal is focusing on delivering a product that wrestling fans want to see and to make this place a destination for fans and talent.


* As for marketing plans, he said that the best bet for any company is to first have the product. Before getting into it too much, they have to show people what they're are about.

* About Moose's injury at last night's taping, he said that he tweaked his knee and is being evaluated today. He think's he'll be OK.

* As for the goals for the next 12 months, he said that it's hard to pick one thing. They want to have a buzz about the product that is second to none. He noted that if you have the buzz, that means you are reaching customers and your fans. If they do that, a lot of other pieces fall into place.

We will have more highlights from the call tomorrow.