Drew Gulak On Working With Enzo Amore, WWE 205 Live Going On The Road, His Recent Success

Drew Gulak spoke with ESPN about what it's like to work with Enzo Amore, going on the road, and his recent success on 205 Live. Here are some of the highlights:

His recent success on 205 Live:

"It's been really surreal. I'm basically getting the chance to revisit old creative stuff that I was able to experiment with at a different point in my career, and I'm able to see what that's like under the banner of WWE. Now I have a whole new set of resources to kind of grow things and try things out."

205 Live house shows:

"A program like this has a lot of growing pains that it goes through. It's necessary. Off the bat, when the show [first] started, a live tour was something that was brought up. A lot of people weren't sure with our time slot being after SmackDown, if things were going to pan out, and things have. Now we're getting a chance to do our own version of these live events, something that I think it took something like five or six years for NXT to even start doing. It's gonna be a really fun chance for the fans to get up close and personal and see us in a completely different setting from what they're used to seeing on TV every week."

What it's like to work with WWE Cruiserweight Champion, Enzo Amore:

"If you could picture a nice lake, clean water, real clear, some fish in there. There's seaweed, kelp, maybe even some coral. Then picture taking a bomb and dropping it into the middle of that and setting it off. That's kinda what it's like with Enzo. He's the bomb. He's such a crazy personality, and you can't help but react to him. For us, we've had a couple guys come through who had a noticeably different fan base, a noticeably different set of production or time spent on [building them up] beforehand and being added to our group. Getting someone like a Neville, an Austin Aries or a Kalisto come in here. Enzo is like a neon version of those guys."

Drew Gulak also discussed finding his way on WWE's radar. You can read the full interview by clicking here.


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