Exclusive: Matt Hardy Comes To Deal With Anthem Sports

After speaking with sources, I can confirm that Matt Hardy has reached a deal with Anthem Sports to own all of the core characters created in TNA associated with the "Broken" gimmick.

The battle of the "Broken" gimmick created by Matt Hardy in TNA has been well documented. Hardy left the company in early 2017 before he and Jeff Hardy returned to WWE at WrestleMania last April. Their return was as their vintage Team Xtreme gimmicks because Anthem Sports, who owns TNA Impact, was claiming legal ownership. Their argument was that the "Broken" gimmick was their intellectual property since it was created on their television.


Just until recently, Matt has been performing the same type of character he did in TNA as "Woken" Matt Hardy in WWE. With this new agreement with Anthem relinquishing any ownership, it will allow more opportunity for the character to be monetized moving forward including merchandise.