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– Recaps of Ishimori taking on Trevor Lee and winning the Impact X Division Championship, LAX defeating oVe to win back the Impact World Tag Team Championship, and James Storm losing his “Career vs. Career” match against Dan Lambert.

– Lashley and Dan Lambert head out to the ring, Lambert on the mic an asks the fans if they are getting tired of them “punking” out wrestling every week. Lambert then taunts James Storm losing his “Career vs. Career” match, crowd sending plenty of boos his way. Lambert goes to introduce the newest member of American Top Team, a guy that could do what nobody – including Lashley – could do, put down Storm. KM heads out to the ring and says he was told he had to prove himself and he feels he’s done just that. KM continues that he not only took out Storm, but Moose as well. Moose’s music hits and he goes right out to the ring, taking down KM until Lashley jumps on him and swings away. Eddie Edwards runs in and hits a double drop kick to clear them out. Moose and Eddie turn their attention to Lambert, but Lashley pulls him out of the ring.

– EC3 out to the ring for an Open Challenge. On the mic, EC3 gloats about still being the Grand Champion and says who’s better than EC3? It’s not “nice guy” Matt Sydal, who says he lacks a killer instinct and despite getting multiple title chances, he’s choked every single time. EC3 asks for a ref and calls for anyone from anyone in the world to come at him. Out from the back comes Petey Williams.

EC3 vs. Petey Williams

While Williams is still enjoying his entrance in the ring, EC3 attacks from behind. Williams recovers with a hurricanrana, charges EC3 in the corner, gets caught and set on the top turnbuckle, another hurricanrana, followed up by a low dropkick to the back. Williams puts EC3 in the tree of woe and stands on him, does a little taunting. EC3 gets back into it, knee to the midsection, goes for a pin, two-count. EC3 keeps trying to end this with a pin, but no luck.

Williams fires back and goes for a pin of his own, two. Williams hits a side russian leg sweep, rolls up, two. Flaterliner, yet another pin, barely two. Williams calls for the Canadian Destroyer, EC3 fights out of it and hits the TK3, pin, two. EC3 tries for the one-percenter, gets thrown out of the ring, Williams leaps over the top to the floor, looks to hurt his ankle. Matt Sydal runs in from the crowd and hammers EC3. The referee calls for the bell.

Winner: EC3 via Disqualification

– Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell talks with Allie and asks about Laurel Van Ness attacking Allie last week. Allie says she’s not weak or small and things are changing. Allie says “You want to play a game, let’s play,” and storms off.

– Eli Drake and Chris Adonis enter the building to make a championship address later.

– Inside the building, we see Alberto El Patron throw a bunch of things around in frustration.

– Backstage, Matt Sydal says he will not be called out or made fun on TV by EC3 and wanted to send a message to the champion with his attack earlier tonight. He says how about a good old fashion wrestling match: 60 minute time limit, no rounds or judges. If EC3 can beat him, then he’ll accept the loss with a handshake and a hug.

– GWN Flashback Moment of the Week: Kurt Angle vs. James Storm for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. Storm with a Superkick on Angle to win the title.

Laurel Van Ness vs. KC Spinelli

Laurel gets right to work throwing Spinelli into the corner, puts her on the second rope and slams her knee into Spinelli midsection. She then does a curbstomp down to the bottom turnbuckle. She reminds Spinelli not to touch the fur coat and slaps her. Spinelli drops her face first on the mat and then slaps Laurel in the face, following that up with a clothesline. Eye rake by Laurel, kick to the head, slams her face first.

Laurel goes for a pin, two. Laurel heads to the second rope, but gets kicked down to the mat. Spinelli with a high elevation northern lights suplex, pin, two. She goes for a butterfly suplex, pin, two. Spinelli tries to roll Laurel up and holds the ropes, ref sees it and yells at her. Laurel with a pin, two, double kicks knock both women down. Spinelli misses a charge in the corner, Laurel with some clotheslines and a dropkick. Side Russian leg sweep by Laurel, pin, two. Unprettier finally hits, 1-2-3.

Winner: Laurel Van Ness via Pinfall

– Post-match, Allie charges the ring and takes down Laurel with some ground and pound. Laurel is able to escape though relatively quickly. The crowd didn’t exactly explode at Allie’s attack, in fact there were just as many boos.

– Impact Global Champion, Eli Drake, and Chris Adonis head down to the ring to make a Championship Address. Adonis on the mic first, tells everyone to shut it and introduces Drake. Crowd giving him a pretty good reaction. Drake says he can’t wait to get back to LA, he doesn’t understand how these dummies in the crowd can handle this sub-zero weather. More importantly, he’s still the champion because last week Alberto El Patron thought he could swim with the big fish. Crowd with a “You suck!” chant, Drake says he’s the champion, crowd responded “You still suck!” He taunts Alberto that all he can do is keep trying to be the champion, but he’s not going to take the title from Drake.

Alberto’s music hits and he tells Drake to shut his mouth. Alberto says Drake doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to come against the real deal, Alberto El Patron. Alberto says why wait for another show to have a match, he sees an audience and a ring, so why not have a match now? Johnny Impact’s music hits and out comes Johnny. Since everyone is going to be in Detroit, then so will Johnny, because it sounds like a party and he likes to party. Johnny says some more really lame stuff and finally Alberto charges him and starts attacking. Drake and Adonis join in and pair off on the other two guys. Johnny gets into the ring and takes flight with a corkscrew senton, taking out everybody on the floor. Looks like next week these three will have a triple threat title match in Detroit.

– Backstage, Dan Lambert continues to cheer on KM taking out James Storm in front of Lashley, who looks to be annoyed by KM getting all of the credit.

– Backstage, Chandler Park is super excited about winning his first match. Joseph tells him to calm down, it was one match. Before ranting about him being around for a long time, Jimmy Jacobs shows up and tells Joseph he’s not what he used to be. Joseph Park says Abyss isn’t coming back. Jacobs said it’s probably better that Abyss doesn’t come back, because there is only one monster in Impact. Chandler gets in his face, but out comes Kongo Kong who Chandler quickly backs away from.

– LAX Lair, Sami Callihan and oVe with a super crazy filter over them trash the place, throwing beer bottles everywhere! oVe grabs their flags as Callihan welcomes LAX to Ohio. LAX shows up to find their place in tatters and apparently oVe took their money. Konnon can’t believe they destroy their clubhouse. The group is fired up as Konnan says they will take this old school with a barbed wire match, next week.

Trevor Lee, Caleb Konley, and Hakim Zane vs. Sonjay Dutt, Dezmond Xavier, and Garza Jr.

Garza and Zane start things off with Garza throwing some huge headbutts. Xavier gets tagged in and completely destroys Zane, finishes up a flurry of attacks with a low dropkick to send Zane out of the ring. Xavier tags out as we head to break. Coming back it’s not Dutt and Zane in the ring, Lee with a ref distraction as Zane an Konley attack Dutt. Konley tags in and goes to work.

Konley tries for a pin, two. Tagsin Lee who hits a short-arm clothesline and instantly starts taunting. Kicks to the chest over and over until Dutt catches one. Konley back in and continues to keep Dutt on the wrong side of town. Zane is in and chops away at his opponent, he tries to keep Dutt down, but Dutt is able to tag in the one-armed man, Garza Jr. Multiple clotheslines until he bring in Xavier who hits a corkscrew senton on Zane for the victory.

Winners: Dezmond Xavier, Sonjay Dutt, and Garza Jr. via Pinfall

– Post-match, the team celebrates, but out comes Ishimori to stand off with Xavier in the middle of the ring. Nothing really happens as Ishimori heads out of the ring.

– Josh Mathews confirms next week it will be Xavier vs. Ishimori for the X Division Championship.

Lashley and KM vs. Moose and Eddie Edwards

After an ATT guy gets kicked off the apron, all four men begin fighting in the ring until Moose and Lashley settle on the apron. Edwards doesn’t wait long to bring the big man in, Moose (Moose! Moose!) with a couple chops to KM. Edwards back in, KM goes for a chop, misses, Edwards with a huge chop. Lashley comes into the ring and body slams Edwards, then tells KM to stay on him. Lashley tagged in as we head to break.

Back from break Edwards and Moose with a double elbow to KM, then both with running splashes. Moose puts Edwards on his back and they do a double splash on KM, pin, two. KM tries to get back into this one, Edwards on the apron, continues to hit chops on KM. Lashley sneaks in from behind and trips Edwards up, landing hard on the apron. Lashley picks him and tosses Edwards back in, pin, two. Lashley gets tagged in and kicks a downed Edwards in the face. Shoulder tackles in the corner over and over again.

Lashley tags in KM who splashes in on Edwards. “You want to see something impressive?!” KM yells as he attempts a suplex. Edwards blocks it and hits a suplex of his own. Moose is ready for the tag, but Lashley runs over, knocks him down, and drags Edwards all the way across the ring. Both Edwards and Lashley knock each other down, KM tags in, and finally Moose gets the hot tag. He charges in the corner with a couple elbows and then a running dropkick. Moose with a pin, Lashley breaks it up and those two end up on the floor. KM now on the floor, Edwards with a suicide dive taking down KM. Edwards looks to have this one won, Lambert distracts him, KM with a lung blower, pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: Lashley and KM via Pinfall