Jimmy Jacobs On If He Regrets Picture With The Young Bucks That Led To WWE Firing

Former WWE writer Jimmy Jacobs was recently interviewed by Andy Malnoske of Wrestling Inc. During the interview, Jacobs discussed his firing from WWE, being Chris Jericho's "The List" creator and more.

Jacobs was fired from WWE in October after posting an Instagram photo with The Bullet Club during their "invasion" of Monday Night RAW in September. He had worked as a writer for the WWE for two-and-a-half years and wrote many high-profile storylines. Jacobs explained his side of the story, saying he was simply excited to see his friends and he has no regrets about how the situation unfolded.

"My side of the story is that I was really happy to see my friends," Jacobs said. "I got a text from my buddy that said, 'Hey, are The Young Bucks at the arena?' I was like, 'Are they?' I went outside and I saw them, I was thrilled to see them. You can watch on, I think it's episode 157 of Being The Elite, you can see me running up them and hugging them and jumping because I was happy to see them. Right after we caught up and right before we left we said let's take a picture together. We took a little picture and I put it up online, and what happened, happened. No regrets about that, not even a little bit."

Arguably Jacobs' most notable storyline was his creation of "The List" for Chris Jericho. It was one of the most popular storylines of last year and sparked a resurgence in Jericho's career. Jacobs said he appreciated being Jericho's "go-to" writer because he understands how important it is to earn the trust and respect of a superstar of Jericho's caliber.

"I invented 'The List of Jericho'... It's validation that you work with somebody of that caliber, and Chris' career is as great as anybody's career," he said. "To have that respect from my peers - respect from my peers is always very important - to have that from Chris, to this day, means a lot to me."

Jacobs maintains that he has no regrets about being fired from the WWE. He said he enjoyed his experience with the company and now he's having the most fun he's ever had in his career because he feels free.

"Honestly, man, right now is the most fun I've had in my career. For so long, I've wrestled in independents and did some great stuff.. But for a large part, independent wrestling was always a means to an end," he explained. "It was like, you do this so you can go to WWE and make it to the big time. Having been there for the past two-and-a-half years working behind the scenes with creative, now that I've done that, now I can just be here and exist and enjoy this time. It's nice."

You can watch the full interview in the video above.


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