Kevin Nash was recently a guest on The Ross Report and he talked to Jim Ross about his current viewing habits of WWE programming. He said he prefers to evaluate the shows on his own time because he can focus on the big moments and avoid the filler segments.

“What I do is that I DVR Raw every Monday and I usually will get on Twitter the next morning and see what all the hype is, and then I will go through and watch those specifics, because after I watch those specifics I will see what was good with those specifics,” Nash said.

Nash said he enjoys analyzing the show’s more important storylines. He pointed to the infamous promo between Roman Reigns and John Cena leading up to the No Mercy pay-per-view as something he particularly had fun examining. He admitted that he would skip through the things that don’t appeal to him so he could focus on the major superstars.

“The morning when Reigns and Cena shot on each other, so to me as a wrestling fan I was seeing if they worked the people, if they didn’t work the people so now I am excited to see whether it was a good work or a shoot, and after watching it I noticed that some stuff were shoots and I enjoyed it,” Nash explained. “Now you salivate and want to continue to watch it, you end up skipping through the commercials and watching the rest of the show. Other times it doesn’t hit me as deep, it just depends on who they are pushing whether they are pushing a big guy like (Braun) Strowman, to see how they are pushing him, and whether they are using him right.”

Nash mentioned that Finn Balor is also a superstar who has caught his eye. He believes Balor has a ton of star power because of how he’s presented.

“There are some guys who you wouldn’t have thought in a million years would get a push like Finn Balor, but his entrance alone makes him a star,” Nash said. “He’s just cut right; the lighting, his pose, he just has that. Of course we are old school and going to sit in our recliners where we say, ‘slow down kid.'”

Nash also revealed some important advice he received from Chief Jay Strongbow about the importance of setting yourself up for life beyond the wrestling business. He said taking a more practical approach to his finances left him in a better place than some of his contemporaries who chose to blow their money.

“I remember Chief Jay Strongbow when I first started making some money, he told me to go buy yourself a place, you grew up around where I grew up in south side of Detroit, in your wildest dreams, when you were growing up, just go buy yourself a place,” he said. “I went and bought myself a three bedroom, three bathroom Condo and I paid cash for it, then afterwards he told me that I am no longer owned by the business. Everyone who was working there was out buying the expensive $5 million house where they have to pay for it the rest of their lives.”

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Source: The Ross Report

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.