Mark Henry Talks Vince McMahon Not Clearing Daniel Bryan

WWE Superstar Mark Henry was on Busted Open with Dave Lagreca and Bully Ray and gave his thoughts about Daniel Bryan's current situation where WWE will not clear him for in-ring action and why Vince McMahon wouldn't agree to it.

"He wants to keep going and the medical situation will not allow," Henry said. "If I'm Vince [McMahon] - as much as I love Daniel - I'm not going to let him get in there, and get paralyzed, and get hurt on my watch. They are going to have to show definitive evidence and proof that he can go in there take a pounding, and not get hurt and end up in a wheelchair. They're not gonna do it. I know Vince, he would not have that on his conscience. Man, who wants to go to the grave going, 'I could have prevented that'?"

Henry was also asked if WWE has put themselves in a tough spot with not clearing Bryan and compared Bryan to Pro Football Hall of Famer.

"I don't think [WWE has] painted themselves into a corner. What I think they've done is put it in someone else's hands. ... [Daniel Bryan] is great, he is beyond great. He's Gale Sayers of wrestling. He should be in the Hall of Fame, when he's done, but he's not done."

You can check out Mark Henry's comments in the clip below.

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