Matt Hardy On The Great War With Bray Wyatt, The Hardys Finding Success, Being A Fan Of Randy Savage

Matt Hardy recently spoke with The Times Record News to promote the weekend WWE live event in Wichita, TX. The full interview is at this link and below are highlights:

Being a young fan of WWE Hall of Famer Randy Savage:

"The first guy I was a fan of was the 'Macho Man' Randy Savage. He motivated me to have a bigger persona, to project on a lot larger level. He did such great character work, but he was also phenomenal in the ring as an athlete."

Having success with brother Jeff Hardy as The Hardys:

"My brother and I's initial goal was to succeed and make it to the WWE and to become the WWE Tag team champions, and obviously we exceeded that in quite a healthy fashion.

"The things that allow us to have success on our own is that we both have confidence, we are both individual characters and we both know how to portray ourselves as individual characters."

The Great War with Bray Wyatt:

"Woken Matt Hardy has something inside of me that I realize has existed for thousands of years, and there's an entity that lies inside Bray Wyatt--Sister Abigail, who is like a demon that goes almost a thousand years back.

"Myself and what possesses Bray Wyatt have a long history, and it makes for quite an interesting tale. Quite larger than life."

Source: Times Record News


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