More On Company Linking Roman Reigns To Steroid Ring, Kevin Owens Mistakes WWE Star For Oil Tycoon

- As noted, Richard Rodriguez implicated WWE Intercontinental Champion Roman Reigns as a client in a steroid distribution ring during an interview with filmmaker Jon Bravo. He also named actors Mark Wahlberg and Josh Duhamel as other customers. Rodriguez is the former owner of the Iron Addicts Gym in Miami, and Bravo has been working on a film to uncover the mystery behind the gym. The DEA arrested Rodriguez and raided the gym in February 2017 following an investigation. Rodriguez was accused of being involved in a distribution chain that imported goods from China, then manufactured illegal steroids in Arizona before distributing them out of the Miami area. It should be noted that Rodriguez's allegation about Reigns would be before his arrest last February. Reigns was suspended in June of 2016, eight months before Rodriguez's arrest, but it was believed at the time that Reigns had tested positive for Adderall.

Forbes has a story here about Reigns being named as a client by Rodriguez in the steroid ring. It stated that Rodriguez's company, Wellness Fitness Nutrition LLC (WFN) , had a client list that included "at least 50 customers in the Eastern District of New York." It was noted that the ring made over $10 million in the distribution of illegal steroids and that the organization is being compared to the the Bay Area Laboratory Co-operative (BALCO), which was linked to several high-profile athletes including Jason Giambi, Marion Jones, Bill Romanowski and Barry Bonds.

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- As seen on 205 Live last night, Drew Gulak was sporting a cowboy hat. Apparently Gulak kept it on after the show, as Kevin Owens joked about seeing Gulak at the airport with it:


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