No Change In Enzo Amore Police Case, SmackDown Star Enters WWE Royal Rumble Match, Enzo Media

- In the video above, Tye Dillinger declares himself as a participant in this Sunday's Royal Rumble match. Dillinger said that his 2017 has been full of its ups and downs, but that changes this Sunday.

"Are my chances to win close to slim and none, yeah, 1 out of 30 is tough for anybody," Dillinger said. "But, I have a chance to make an impact, I have a chance to go to WrestleMania and a chance is all I need. With The Royal Rumble match, who knows? Anything can happen."

- ABC 15 has a story here about WWE releasing Enzo Amore following a woman accusing him of rape earlier this week. As noted, the incident happened on October 19th, 2017 at The Clarendon Hotel & Spa. Officers responded to a local hospital days later on October 23rd. Despite WWE releasing Enzo Amore today, ABC 15 noted that the case is still under investigation.

- Deadspin's David Bixenspan also noted on Twitter that there has been no change in the status of his case, according to the Phoenix Police Department. He tweeted:


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