ROH Wrestler Talks His NXT Tease, Wanting To Join The Bullet Club And Go To NJPW

WSVN-TV Entertainment Reporter Chris Van Vliet recently interviewed Ring of Honor wrestler Flip Gordon. You can watch the interview in the video above, they sent us these highlights:

Explaining his tweet that said "NeXT year will be even better":

"I was just trolling. I saw a tweet going around telling people to congratulate me on stuff so I saw that they were trying to troll me so I saw the perfect opportunity to troll everybody else so I took it."

Will he be joining The Bullet Club?

"I tried. Kenny and Cody didn't want me in there. So if The Bucks can convince them then sure."

Quitting his desk job to become a pro wrestler:

"I've almost been a year without a job, like wrestling is now my job. I started seeing that wrestling was paying the bills so I was like why am I going to this other job when I make more wrestling. I actually put in my 2 week notice before I even got contacted by Ring of Honor."

His goals for 2018:

"I'd love to go to New Japan. I'd love to be in Best of Super Juniors, that's definitely a goal of mine. It's something I set, that I wanted to go to Japan before my 3-year mark in the business. So it's still possible."


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