Samoa Joe Talks Pre-WWE Triple H Dinner, Tag Team Welcomes War Machine, Unbelievable RAW Endings

- Above is the latest episode of WWE's "List This!" with Vic Joseph looking at 6 unbelievable RAW endings - Triple H crashing the wedding of Stephanie McMahon & Test, Vince McMahon being relieved of his duties, Brock Lesnar returning to destroy John Cena, a WCW Title match main eventing the show, Mankind winning the WWE Title and Sting attacking Seth Rollins.

- Samoa Joe recently spoke with to promote his WWE Comics writing debut for the new RAW 25th Anniversary issue. The full interview is at this link. Joe talked about the story covering how it took some convincing for Joe to sign with WWE and most of what appears in the story actually happening:

"So, for the most part, the story of my journey to Raw really it's ... The way I tell people this is most of the instances that you see throughout the book lead with a touch of dramatic license, but for the most part, a lot of the things that were said were said. A lot of the meetings that were had, were had," Joe said. "It may have stretched out over a decade period, but I know sometimes I even pushed out 15 year period. But we took various aspects from that journey and we put that down into the story. So, the dinner meeting with Triple H and the phone call, we have a dinner, we had a phone call. In fact, the restaurant might have been actually a little bit nicer than the one that was in the book."

- Tucker Knight and Otis Dozovic, known as Heavy Machinery, tweeted the following to welcome War Machine to WWE NXT earlier this week after they were announced along with Ricochet and Candice LeRae. Warbeard Hanson and Raymond Rowe are former ROH Tag Team Champions and former IWGP Tag Team Champions.


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