Sasha Banks is one of many female wrestlers who is married to a male who also wrestles. In 2016, she married Sarath Ton, who competed in the independent circuit as Mikaze. Mikaze was also used, as a squash talent named Rutherford Hayes, in a match against Ryback in 2012 on an episode of Raw. He would also team with Jason Jordan in a dark match on an NXT show in 2015, losing to the Vaudevillians.

Banks was recently on an episode of Total Request Live, and competed in a game of Sink or Spill. She would reveal that her love for pro wrestlers go back even further than her husband.

The concept of the game with that if she was able to put the ping pong ball in the cup, her opponent would have to answer a question. However, if she missed, she would have to answer a question.

She would miss, and was forced to answer the question of who was the most embarrassing person she ever fantasized about. Banks answered, “Sheamus, when I was a child. I thought he was cute.”

Banks would agree that something was wrong with her, and make it clear that she still loves him but from the standpoint of a friend and colleague. Sheamus would make his debut in 2009 under the ECW brand. As this time, Banks was only 17 years old.

You can view the full game in the video above.