Sean Waltman Talks Beef Between Jim Cornette And The Young Bucks

Sean "X-Pac" Waltman recently appeared on The Ross Report. He spoke to Jim Ross about the current trend of short career spans for wrestlers.

Wrestlers of Waltman's generation typically stick around in the business for many years. Some wrestling lifers like Al Snow have been involved in professional wrestling for over 30 years. That type of thing isn't seen nowadays as a lot of wrestlers would call it quits long before that. Waltman said it's possible the differences in taking bumps plays a factor in this current trend.

"You would think that would be the case, but some of the bumps--I noticed that there is less bump taking in some things," Waltman said. "Not every time someone gets hit these days with a kick, they don't necessarily take a flat-back, maybe less flat-backs add time to a career, but if they miss some of it it just seems like you're done."

Waltman was known for having a high-flying style himself, so he knows the risks that wrestlers face. He said he understands the necessity for superstars to be more safe and cautious as they take bumps.

"For me, I had that reputation as being a guy that did a lot of stuff early on in my career, but to me, at the time I needed to do that in order to be noticed," he said. "Eventually my style evolved and started making it to where every match wasn't about a dive outside of the ring."

Waltman also commented on a recent Twitter dispute involving Jim Cornette and The Young Bucks. A video began circling social media of the Bucks in an ROH match where they performed a sequence of simultaneous dropkicks with their opponents. Cornette tweeted that he would've fired the Bucks had he still been involved in ROH. Waltman admitted he wasn't a fan of the sequence, but he said people are taking it too seriously.

"I think that certain people in the wrestling side of it get way too bent out of shape for it," he said. "I think there is some valid truths; not those that crap all over wrestling by calling it fake, but the Daniel Cormier and all that stuff. I am a fan of the Young Bucks, but that one spot was a bit too much for me and I can understand how somebody can take it personally. It was a little much."

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Source: The Ross Report

Peter Bahi contributed to this article.


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