Shayna Baszler Attacks At PC Again (Video), Enzo Amore - Corey Graves, Hideo Itami Storyline Update

- Shayna Baszler continues to cause problems at the WWE Performance Center, as seen in the video above. While Dakota Kai is discussing this week's WWE NXT match with Baszler, the former UFC star goes a little too far during another training session. NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon confronts Baszler and asks what her problem is but Baszler says she's here to fix the problems.

- No word yet on matches for tonight's WWE 205 Live episode but WWE is teasing revenge for Hideo Itami after Jack Gallagher beat him down with a pipe last week. They posted the following teaser for tonight:

How will Hideo Itami react to Gentleman Jack Gallagher's attack?

Last week on WWE 205 Live, Gentleman Jack Gallagher was set to square off in a rematch against Hideo Itami. Gallagher was seeking retribution for his compatriot, The Brian Kendrick, who was injured at the hands of Itami following an impactful Go to Sleep on the Christmas edition of Raw. Despite losing to the Japanese Superstar the next night on WWE 205 Live, Gallagher was prepared for a fight.

Although the match never got underway, the two Superstars exchanged blows with Itami countering an early surprise attack only to be leveled with a steel pipe that the British Superstar hid in his umbrella. Gallagher then unleashed his trademark cruelty, using the pipe to attack Itami and inflict maximum damage before officials intervened.

The attack by Gallagher was bold and certainly lived up to his promises of bad intentions since partnering with The Brian Kendrick. However, Itami has come to the Cruiserweight division demanding respect and is well-known for his hard-hitting ways, so it is almost certain he will not take Gallagher's actions lightly. Does the British Superstar have the upper hand, or has he truly underestimated Itami?

Don't miss WWE 205 Live, tonight at 10/9 C on the award-winning WWE Network.

- Below is another clip from this week's "Straight to The Source" with host Corey Graves interviewing WWE Cruiserweight Champion Enzo Amore. Enzo discusses his concussion from Payback 2016 and how he never calls out sick. Enzo also poked at Graves and talks about calling him out on Twitter back in September over his retirement, which was forced due to concussions. For those who missed it, the exchange, which reportedly did not go over well with co-workers, went like this:

Graves: "My son just ran to second base, and danced like @real1 to celebrate. I have failed as a father."
Enzo: "Nah u didn't fail as a father!? U failed as a wrestler, thats why they dressed ya up in a suit N tie & told ya 2 sit down #HowYouDoin #Champ"


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