Sound Off Reactions On If The Undertaker Returned, Who Should He Face At WrestleMania 34

Yesterday we asked, if The Undertaker had another match in him, who would be the best opponent for him at WrestleMania 34? The answers were wide ranging, but John Cena remained the top pick for what makes the most sense, since those two haven't met at WrestleMania, plus Cena could take the loss without it hurting him. Next up was "nobody," with last year's send-off and Taker at 52 years old, many of you are good with him being done in the ring. In third was Sting, another opponent who fans have always wanted to see face Undertaker, but with both over 50 years old, the match itself could be a disaster.

AJ Styles was mentioned (as someone who could carry Taker), along with Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns, two guys The Deadman would want to get revenge on. The names changed within the match, but a lot of responses involved Undertaker in a triple threat match to take some of the in-ring burden off of him.

Thanks to everyone who responded, below are some of the best comments:

Si Nicholls:
"Kane in a double retirement send off match."

"Most sensible match would be with John Cena, simply because he's never faced him at WrestleMania. It wouldn't even matter who won. The match itself would be huge. We never got the coveted Sting-Undertaker match so this would be a close second."

Josh Mack:
"The Undertaker should not return to have another match."

Wooo Nation!!!:
"Well... The Undertaker has been ducking La Parka... FOR YEARS!!!
(Just saying.)"

Mr Bobbins:
"Nobody. If they are absolutely insistent on having him compete at 'Mania then it only makes sense to throw him in with Reigns and Lesnar, make it a triple threat, have Taker win the belt, he gets a victory back over the only two guys to beat him at 'Mania, vacate it the next night on RAW and then stroll off into the sunset to enjoy his retirement. Done. Happy ending."

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