Spike TV Pokes Fun At Itself And Comments On Why The Network Greenlit TNA, Impact Responds (Updated)

As noted, Spike TV will be rebranded as the Paramount Channel. As part of the move, they have been ripping themselves all day on Twitter and the shows that have aired on the network.

Posing as a disgruntled Spike TV Twitter employee, they ripped on many of the shows that have aired on the network over the years.

"Welp, since I'm outta here anyway I might as well tell you all the things I've been holding in for the past 18 years," they wrote. "Brace yourself bros. s--t's about to get real. #GoodbyeSpike #SpikeUnfiltered"

Obviously the statements made are not real, but they are amusing. As seen below, when mentioning TNA, they tweeted, "When we greenlit TNA we thought we were buying something entirely different… but wrestling turned out to be ok."

Impact Wrestling replied by tweeting, "All's well that ends well I guess. It turned out to be a Knockout decision!"

Impact Wrestling premiered on Spike TV in October of 2005, after Monday Night RAW went back to the USA Network the week before. It remained on the network until it was cancelled in December of 2014.

Hulk Hogan's first appearance on a special three-hour live TNA iMPACT on Monday, January 2, 2010 drew 2.2 million viewers, making it the most-watched episode in the history of the franchise. It peaked at 2.9 million viewers during the 9:00 - 9:15pm quarter hour. The previous high was 1.97 million viewers reached in April of 2009.

Gavin Horne contributed to this article.


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