The Great Khali Says WWE Failed In India

The Great Khali spoke to The New Indian Express about the WWE and wanting to instill different training practices in India. Here are some of the highlights:

WWE in India and his time with the company:

"The WWE has failed in India. They thought they would use the Great Khali fully and then leave him. I [had] been trying hard for [a long time] to leave WWE, but they kept on offering me [a] contract. Finally in 2014, I decided I [would] leave once my contract [ended] and [would] not work with them ever again. Then I came back and opened CWE [Continental Wrestling Entertainment] in Punjab, which is doing well."

Wanting to change the mentality of how training for amateur wrestling is done in India:

"The future of wrestling is very bright and it can be better, if handled in a better way, if a coach is provided or [a better foundation] is given. The mentality of the Indian sportsmen is very weak. Many of them depend upon drugs. They feel that the consumption of drugs will help in enhancing their performance and will help them in clinching a medal. They receive too much of love after winning a medal that they forget to concentrate on sports."

The Great Khali also discussed more about those in sports needing to focus on proper dieting and training in India. You can read the full interview by clicking here.