The Rock's Next Movie Starts Filming In May, Why It Might Put Him Out Of WWE WrestleMania 34

The Rock's next movie, Disney's Jungle Cruise, will start filming in May. The movie, which is based on the Disney theme park ride, also stars Emily Blunt and is directed by Jaume Collet-Serra.

As noted, WWE is apparently planning to have Rousey and a partner face Triple H and Stephanie McMahon in a mixed tag match at WrestleMania 34, according to a report from It was noted that there were rumors of WWE trying to get The Rock to be Rousey's partner. The four shot an angle at WrestleMania 31 in 2015, where Rousey came to The Rock's assistance to fight off Triple H and Stephanie.

While shooting for the film wouldn't commence until after WrestleMania, putting together the match might be difficult due to insurance issues. Producers insure the cast of a movie in case actors get sick, injured or die during filming.

The Rock was injured during his match with John Cena at WrestleMania 29 in 2013. In addition to missing doing media for the movie Pain & Gain, the injury forced the production of Hercules to be moved several weeks. An article on NPR regarding cast insurance noted that "a delay of just one day can cost up to $250,000 for a big-budget film."

The Rock has not worked a real match since WrestleMania 29, even though he had expressed interested in competing at WrestleMania 32 but an insurance company had issues covering him for an upcoming movie if he wrestled a match. The Rock ended up wrestling a one-move 6-second match against Erick Rowan where he took no bumps.

So whether The Rock would be able to wrestle at 'Mania would depend on if the movie can get insured despite his involvement. The NPR article stated that while cast insurance typically costs $350,000 for 10-12 people for a movie with $100 million budget, that can balloon up to $700,000 to $1 million if one of the actors involved is a "problem actor."

@MikeyRovellada contributed to this article.