The Rock Responds To Finn Balor, Rusev And Lana Train For WWE MMC (Video), Ember Moon Mini-Doc

- Above is a mini-documentary of NXT Women's Champion Ember Moon. The video follows Ember from her days in the indies, making it to WWE after multiple tryouts, challenging Asuka, and finally, winning the NXT Women's Title.

- As the WWE Mixed Match Challenge draws near (updated team list), Rusev and Lana begin their training to win the tournament. In the video below, Lana runs the ropes as Rusev cheers her on and Aiden English sings a motivational song.

- Finn Balor tweeted out how he was getting a bunch of electric shocks today and didn't know how "The Most Electrifying Man in All of Sports Entertainment" could deal with that everyday. The Rock responded responded to just embrace the shock and told Balor to keep kicking ass and stay focused.


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