The Singh Bros. On Jinder Mahal Being Pulled From WWE Survivor Series Match With Brock Lesnar

I recently interviewed The Singh Bros., who discussed their journey to WWE, working on the main roster and more. Below is part one of the interview, check back next week for the second and final part, where the brothers discussed training under Rip Rogers and Harley Race, WWE approaching them for the Cruiserweight Classic, working in Japan, getting respect of the locker room and more.

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How the journey has been for the brothers and Jinder Mahal:

Sunil: "It's been amazing. We always tell people that the cool thing is, the trajectory for us was easy. The three of us have known each other for 30 years, so it wasn't like, 'Oh, you guys are going to pair up with Jinder.'"

Samir: "Yeah, there have been so many factions over the years that lasted one week or two weeks. We've lasted… we've been together for over seven months. It's because we click, we worked - the whole package worked. The way we're all presented on TV, from the entrance to the Punjabi celebration, to the match itself and how we play key roles. It's been wonderful, and it's been an experience that you can't put a price tag on. But the path it works; in wrestling, everything should work. It's not on TV if it doesn't."

Sunil: "The three of us made it work. It wasn't like, 'Hey, this is what you're going to do'. We three of us actually go out there, and we work really hard to make it work."

Samir: We all play our characters really well, and we compliment each other.

If what they do on TV is what creative gives them, or if they have any input:

Samir: It is the idea of the creative, but it goes back to what my brother was saying. It comes down to the artist, who breathes life into it. Even our characters, it was something we were just presented. 'Hey, you are the Singh Brothers.' This; nothing else really… we started doing the 'Maharrrrraja' and all that - those small things. Even in the matches themselves - the Punjabi Prison and falling off a 15 foot cage.

"We put life into our characters. Even 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin - great, that's a great name. But if he didn't put life into that character, it would've been just another - something that just fell on the way side."

If they had the chance to sit down with Paul Heyman and pick his brain:

Sunil: "Unfortunately, not yet."

Samir: "I mean, we met him in locker rooms and passing by, but, it's been one of those things that will hopefully (happen)."

Sunil: "Our paths will cross, and we will have that opportunity."

Jinder Mahal being pulled from his scheduled Survivor Series match with Brock Lesnar:

Samir: "That's… that happens in wrestling. It's creative… it's the entertainment industry. It's supposed to go somewhere, and it goes (somewhere else). But to be honest, that Brock Lesnar versus AJ Styles match, that was amazing. Yeah, that should've been the match and it happened. That's just one of those things in sports entertainment, you just, creatively you go one way and you have to go another. That's just the nature of the industry."


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