Total Divas S7 E9 Recap: Nia Jax Goes On A Date, WWE Suggests Where Brie Bella Should Make Comeback

Tonight's episode of Total Divas was nothing if not emotional, and for more than one reason. For the most part, tonight's episode of Total Divas took place in New York City, and was the second part of a two-part episode about SummerSlam. So, let's get to it.

Maryse is holding a Sex and the City-themed prom-type party (similar to the one she held last year), and all the Divas (except Carmella, LOL) are invited to the shindig. Nia "The Rock's Cousin" Jax won't be coming stag, though, as she seemed to really hit it off with the firefighter she'd met at the speed dating event. And what's more, she invited him to the Sex and the City party after she'd had a nice chat with the Bella twins. So, the firefighter plays Mr. Big to Nia's Carrie, and the night goes off amazingly well: Nia puts on a fashion show (no, seriously, it's not as corny as it sounds), she and Mr. Big are hitting it off like gangbusters, and the Sex and the City party is going off swimmingly.

Could this be the one?

Well...not really. The Bellas and Nia Jax take to trusty Google to look up Mr. Big the next day, and let's just say that what they've found pretty much determines that Nia Jax will never, ever be calling him again.

Meanwhile, SummerSlam is still going on in NYC, and despite the fact that Nikki Bella isn't in the ring anymore (although, as has been recently announced, she'll be making a comeback soon), she has a full schedule of appearances to tend to. Brie Bella, however, is Nikki's third wheel (with Birdie in hand, of course), because she has literally nothing to promote or tend to, and she's feeling a type of way about it. So when she vents to Nikki about the WWE not approaching her about making a comeback, Nikki snaps back and reminds her twin that she has to be proactive and tell the company that she'd like to make a comeback, instead of waiting for them to approach her.

So, Brie does exactly that, and not only is the company receptive to her making a comeback, they actually suggest her making a comeback at WrestleMania!

And the fact that this happened despite the fact that Nikki was late for one of her events — thus missing most of her soon-to-be hubby John Cena's match — suggests that maybe Nikki isn't the only Bella that will be making a glorious return to the ring.

Finally, in what comes as no surprise to anyone who watches wrestling, Natalya defeated Naomi at SummerSlam to take home the championship, thus validating her fifteen years of hard work. (Because, after all, nepotism can only take you so far...)

But that's not the best part of the story — that crown goes to the part where Natalya takes acting lessons to improve her projection and inflection — and it works, beautifully. Lana was supposed to be joining her frenemy Natalya at the acting class, but she misses her ride to the theater.

And more's the pity for her, because she couldn't be there to taste victory when Natalya did.

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