Total Divas Season Finale Recap: Miz Asks WWE For Paternity Leave, Tyson Kidd Trains Lana, Bellas

It's the Total Divas season finale, and the ladies are getting ready to nest in more ways than one. As we eagerly await the next season of Total Bellas (which will, most likely, focus on Nikki's impending nuptials and Brie's life with Baby Birdie), we wrap it up with the ladies of the WWE who made the show interesting this season.

The vast majority of the episode focused on our girl Nikki Bella (who had an amazing showing at this year's Royal Rumble), who is busy hoofing it up on Dancing with the Stars while also planning her wedding to fellow WWE diva John Cena. On a good day, wedding planning is stressful, but when you add the Bella full plate of running her own business and practicing her sweet, sweet dance moves, Nikki has all but reached her limit.

And each time her twin sister Brie tries to bring her focus back to all the David's Bridal-esque fabulousness, Nikki reminds her that these dancing shoes aren't going to exercise themselves. Finally, in a fit of frustration, Brie brings the dress fitting to her sister by hauling up some bridal getups to Nikki's hotel room, where she tries on some potential gowns while waiting for Dancing with the Stars to kick off (and she was robbed, ROBBED WE TELL YOU!). Upon seeing herself in the tres chic dress, Nikki gets wedding fever, and suddenly, marrying WWE diva John Cena doesn't sound so bad after all. (Of course, this bliss is short lived, especially if the Total Bellas spring teaser is to be believed, but that's another story for another day.)

Meanwhile, Maryse and the Miz are preparing for the arrival of Baby Mizanin (who, as it turns out, is going to be a girl — and whose arrival was first announced during last week's episode). Being pregnant wreaks just as much havoc on a woman's emotional state as getting married, and when Maryse has to deal with the stress of moving to Cleveland (!) while being "in a family way," she looks like she's literally seconds away from snapping. There is some light at the end of the tunnel, though, when The Miz informs his parents of their impending grandparent-hood, and it's all so sweet. Of course, the parents-to-be realize that they also have to tell the WWE that Maryse will be out of commission for a quick minute, and that The Miz would like some paternity leave...and that all seems to go quite well. So much so, in fact, that the last scene we see with them involves them making the Baby Miz announcement on an episode of Raw. And in a moment of rare sentimentality, The Miz confesses to Maryse that he's just as nervous about being a good father as she is about being a good mother. Aw!

And finally, in the only storyline that involved wrestling, we have Natalya and Lana going head-to-head yet again (these ladies need to just get together and get that tension over with already...), but this time, their beef is over — of all people on the damn roster — Tyson Kidd.

Yes, folks, Tyson Kidd is back, and this time, he's serving in a more behind-the-scenes role as a trainer and a "producer" for the WWE superstars, helping them fine-tune and perfect their performances. Naturally, Lana takes the opportunity to train with him, but Natalya thinks this is an absolutely TERRIBLE idea, thank you very much, because Kidd has "adult chicken pox" (?!). Of course, the undercurrent here is that Natalya and Lana are still beefing, and that's why Natalya doesn't want Lana to train with Kidd. But in actuality, Natalya is Tyson Kidd's wife and she worries about his mental self-care. (Natalya's afraid that if Tyson can't fight anymore, he'll end up getting depressed.) After assuring his longtime friend that yes, as a matter of fact, he's okay with simply training other wrestlers, Tyson Kidd goes back to training Lana, and Natalya and Lana bury the hatchet (again).

The new season of Total Bellas will premiere in the spring. We'll be back with those recaps!