Triple H Explains Funny Ronda Rousey Pic, Hulk Hogan Pranks Fans (Video), Rousey's Diet Profiled

- Guests recently visited Madame Tussauds Orlando to get a first look at a new wax figure of Hulk Hogan. As seen in the video above, they were in for a surprise when the statue was the Hulkster himself and he came to life right in front of their eyes. Some of their reactions ranged from complete disbelief to shocking screams, while some had tears of joy for being able to meet Hulk for the first time.

- Business Insider has a piece here looking at Ronda Rousey's strict diet. It was noted that her morning coffee was a necessity and that breakfast is her favorite meal of the day. She tries to have a big breakfast, a medium sized lunch and a small dinner with a normal breakfast consisting of a bowl of chia seeds, hemp seeds, oats, agave nectar, almond butter, raisins, and cinnamon.

- Speaking of Rousey, Triple H had an explanation for the photo that went viral after The Royal Rumble of him sneaking a photo of the former UFC Champion while apparently hiding behind a wall. He wrote:

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