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Like most wrestling fans, I enjoy getting to participate in the festivities when I go to live shows. Being apart of the live crowd and taking part in cheering or booing the wrestlers is a time-honored tradition and one of the main reasons people buy tickets to wrestling. All fans have the right to say basically whatever they want during a match, because if they paid for a ticket they have paid for the right to participate. However, just because people have that right does not mean they should exercise it, and there are a bunch of chants that appear frequently at wrestling shows that are incredibly annoying, whether you are in the crowd or watching at home. In no particular order, here are my seven worst wrestling chants.


Last decade this was much more annoying. Today it is only really done once and a while and usually for a wrestler the fans don't really care about, or a crappy heel like John Laurinitus or Jinder Mahal. Ten years ago when this was EVERYWHERE it would have been number one, no doubt about it.

"Fight Forever!!"

This is very similar to another chant that is further down the list, but basically the main problem is that it is overused by fans whenever an above-average match is taking place. You know who doesn't want to see two wrestlers fight forever? Me, because I can only imagine how bad a match can get if it its the two-hour mark, let alone if two wrestlers were fighting to eternity. How tired are those guys going to be? Who has the time to waste watching a match that never ends? Eventually one of the wrestlers is going to die of exhaustion, and all the fans who chanted "Fight Forever!!" will have to live with the guilt of having encouraged someone to their death.

"One Fall!!"

For some reason this bothers a lot of people, including Vince McMahon, who allegedly told WWE ring announcers to stop saying "one fall" to avoid the crowd chanting it back at them. I guess it is a nuisance when people say it before every single match, but it is two words, not a consistent chant. I don't have a problem with it, even if I also don't really think it's a particularly fun chant to do.

"You still got it!"

Reserved for older wrestlers who return to television after a lengthy delay. If a wrestler is a big enough star, they will get this chant no matter what. It is one thing for Chris Jericho to get this chant, it is another for Shane McMahon to get it after throwing a couple of crappy punches. I think my all-time favorite is a group of TNA fans chanting "You still got it!!" to Hulk Hogan during his ill-fated TNA run, where he could barely walk, let alone wrestle.


Although this has become less prevalent all the time, it still is an annoyance at smaller indie shows. At the start of the match, two wrestlers will start off by trading holds and trying to get the advantage in front of a quiet crowd. After they finish a sequence of technical holds, one yahoo from the audience will always yell "Wrrrrrrestlinggggg!!" as a sarcastic taunt towards the wrestlers, as a way of saying "Start hitting each other with stuff and doing high spots." This is so dumb because people are AT A WRESTLING SHOW and it is almost a surprise when ACTUAL WRESTLING takes place.

"This is awesome!"

For whatever reason, "This is awesome!" has become the most popular chant at wrestling shows across the country. Although I once read that the chant originated by a group of sarcastic TNA fans at a boring Impact taping, the chant really started to catch on earlier this decade and has now become a staple for matches or segments that rise slightly above mediocrity. It is telling of how boring a three-hour episode of RAW can become when a Bray Wyatt vs Dean Ambrose match begins to get a "This is awesome!" chant. The chant wouldn't be that annoying if it didn't make an appearance on every wrestling show. People want to think that what they are witnessing live is truly incredible, even if it looks relatively mundane to the viewers at home.

"We are awesome"

The bastard cousin of the "This is awesome!" chant, "We are awesome" only makes a few appearances every year, but boy is it annoying. When a crowd becomes so enamored with their own creativity that they start marking out for themselves, we have a serious problem. Really this one only appears on the RAW after WrestleMania.