Which WWE Star Really Helped Hornswoggle (Video), Bray Wyatt Taunts The Woken Warriors, Total Divas

- Above is the latest episode of WWE's "Where Are They Now?" series, featuring former WWE Cruiserweight Champion Hornswoggle. Hornswoggle, who recently departed Impact Wrestling, talks about being a father to his son Landon, his WWE career & debut, bringing his son into the ring after his final WWE match, calling Curt Hawkins after getting released by WWE, adjusting to life after WWE, running his own ACW indie wrestling promotion with a wrestling school, and more. The video also features comments from Hawkins, who helped Hornswoggle book 13 dates after he was released. Hornswoggle does not talk about his Impact run.

- As noted, next week's Total Divas episode will be part 2 of the big SummerSlam episode. Below is the synopsis:

"Three Alarm Fire: Nia faces her fears and braves a date with a NYC firefighter; Lana's criticism of Nattie's skills on the mic gets in Nattie's head before her big SummerSlam match, forcing Nattie to do something drastic."

- Bray Wyatt tweeted the following message to Matt Hardy's "Woken Warriors" in response to their constant "Delete!" taunts:


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