On tonight's episode of Impact, James Storm took on American Top Team Co-Founder, Dan Lambert, in a "Loser Leaves Impact" No Holds Barred Match. Storm ended up losing the match, thanks to American Top Team getting involved.

Lambert does a whole lot of yelling before the match, but in comes American Top Team and they each get a shot at Storm. Lashley with a spinebuster, Lambert jumps in for a pin, two. Storm fights off everyone and superkicks Lashley down. Lambert is the only guy standing now. "Cowboy! Cowboy!" chant. Storm gets his hands on Lambert, but KM comes in with a beer bottle and smacks Storm in the back of the head. Lambert tries for a pin and Storm still kicks out! Double beer bottle smash on Storm's head, Lambert goes for yet another pin, and finally, we get a three-count.

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You can see how the match went down in the videos above and below.