It was originally reported that the Barbed Wire Massacre III match with Impact Tag Team Champions LAX vs. oVe & Sami Callihan would air on tonight's Impact, but POP pulled the plug due to its violence. It instead aired on Impact's Twitch channel, below are the results for the match.

oVe (Jake Crist, Dave Crist, Sami Callihan) vs. LAX (Barbed Wire Massacre III Match)

All six men swing away at each other, LAX attempts to throw oVe into the wire, but oVe is able to stop their momentum and then bail out of the ring. Santana with a senton all the way to the floor. Trash lids are out and oVe gets popped in the head. Callihan and Homicide in the ring with forks! They try to stab at each other, Homicide ends up blocking the barbed wire with his foot, but then gets send right into it. Callihan then gets tossed into it by Ortiz. Dave jumps in and throws Ortiz in chest first. Santana hops in and he spears Dave into a barbed wire board in the corner. Santana tries for a splash, misses, he goes right into the board.

Jake in now, and he ends up getting kicked into the wire. Homicide grabs a fork and jabs it at Jake's mouth. Dave is cut on his shoulder as he throws a barbed wire board at both Santana and Ortiz. Homicide gets about six chairs thrown at him as he yells "F--- you!" to Jake and Callihan. Ortiz with a chairshot to Callihan. Dave and Homicide in the ring, and Homicide throws alcohol on Dave's open wound, ouch.

Jake gets suplexed through a barbed wire board set up on two chairs on the outside. Homicide squish a board on Callihan in the ring. Callihan with a lowblow and he suplexes Homicide right down on the barbed wire, breaking off most of it, yikes. The referee is attempting to cut him free. LAX double team on Callihan, pin attempt, but the ref is distracted. two count. Jake then gets dropped on wire too and he's all kinds of tangled up. Otiz randomly cuts Jake free, but Santana ends up wrapping him up completely in barbed wired! Dave and Sami are put down as Santana sets up a table on the outside. Ortiz picks Jake up and nails a death valley drive through a barbed wire board in the corner, pin, and for whatever reason Jake kicks out.

Ortiz gets caught on the edge of the ring and Jake - while still wrapped up in wire - ends up spearing him off the ring and down through a table. Everyone looks to be down at this point. Crowd chanting for tables, you monsters! Santana and Dave in the ring, Santana gets hit with wire cutters, Callihan brings in a barbed wired chair and tombstones him on it, pin, and a kick out! Callihan with another piledriver on Santana. Two tables and a ladder are brought in the ring, Santana is put down on the table. Dave heads up to the top. In comes Konnan, kick between the legs on Callihan and hits him with a baseball bat. Santana climbs up the ladder with a handful of wooden skewers and ends up sticking about, oh, 30 of them in Dave's head. Suplex through the tables, Santana with the pin, and we're done here.

Winners: LAX via Pinfall