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- Recap of last night's Raw with Drew Gulak reading a message from Enzo Amore, who had to head to the hospital due to the flu. Since he wasn't around to have his championship match, Cedric Alexander still wanted to have a match against someone. Goldust ended up coming out to team with Alexander to face Gulak and Ariya Daivari. Alexander would eventually pick up the win for his team.

- Vic Joseph and Nigel McGuinness welcome us in and say Enzo hasn't been medically cleared, so he won't be on the show tonight. Hideo Itami will be taking on Jack Gallagher, we'll also see Goldust and Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari in a rematch of last night's match.

Akira Tozawa vs. TJP

TJP makes his return after being away for a couple months, crowd didn't react at all. Match gets going with TJP showing some disrespect right off the bat. Tozawa gets mad and goes to work, big boot to the face, running senton, and TJP bails to the outside. Tozawa goes for a suicide dive and gets kicked on his way out, starts to sell an injured shoulder and TJP focuses in on it. TJP feeling pretty confident now, works Tozawa over before going for a pin. TJP continues to work over Tozawa's shoulder, crowd is dead quiet for this one.

Irish whip to the corner, Tozawa with a roll up, only two. "We want Neville" chant breaks out. Side suplex while keeping Tozawa's arm wrapped behind him for more damage. More submissions, Tozawa able to escape, but gets a boot to the face. Shoulder gets worked over more, Tozawa with a snap suplex, sends TJP to the floor and hits a suicide dive this time. Quickly throws him back into the ring, pin, hooks the leg, only two. Tozawa tries to pull TJP up to the top rope, TJP with a thumb to the eye, then smashes Tozawa's head on the ring post. Detonation Kick lands, 1-2-3.

Winner: TJP via Pinfall

- Backstage, Cedric Alexander gets ready. Goldust sneaks up on him. Alexander is happy that a legend would have his back, but wanted to know if Goldust was actually under 205 pounds. Goldust said of course not, but with some work he could become a slim Goldust. Goldust then says he's around to help Alexander on his quest for gold. Some more awkward banter as the two head out to the ring.

Hideo Itami vs. Jack Gallagher

Before things get going, Gallagher on the mic. He says last week we learned something new, Itami was supposed to be here to compete, but instead it was just to hurt people. Vic Joseph saying Kendrick is out for two months. Gallagher says he's watched the footage of Kendrick getting hurt from Itami's GTS over and over. "Could you imagine the holidays, half blind?" Gallagher then says he plans on dissecting Itami tonight, out comes Itami.

Before things can get started, Gallagher tries to hit Itami with his umbrella. Itami is ready for the attack and lands a couple strikes, but gets an umbrella upside the head. A lead pipe falls out of the umbrella and he uses it against Itami, hitting him in the back with it. Referees jump in the ring and demand Gallagher exit. He rolls out and makes his way up the ramp, very proud of himself.

Match Never Started - No Contest

- Backstage, Dasha Fuentes talks with Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari. She asks why they demanded a rematch. Daivari said they weren't ready and Goldust isn't even a Cruiserweight. Gulak says they weren't prepared for someone of his stature, but nevertheless they are ready for any challenge. Gulak goes to dedicate the match to Enzo, but Goldust slides into the frame and says "Goldust" and breathes heavy on Gulak. Drew tries to do it back, making Goldust gag a bit due to his bad breath.

Goldust and Cedric Alexander vs. Drew Gulak and Ariya Daivari

Daivari and Alexander get us started, Daivari initially got the best of Alexander, but that is short lived with Alexander's standing hurricanrana, goes for a pin, two. Crowd with a "We want Goldust" chant and in he comes. Gulak tagged in too, Goldust does a little bit of chest rubbing on Gulak who rolls away in confusion. He ends up tagging Daivari back. "Come on, you freak!" Daivari whips Goldust into the ropes and he ends up running side-to-side multiple times before finally stopping and saying "Hold on!" He needed a timeout from all that running, crowd enjoyed this spot. Gulak gets tagged in, "You like breathing, huh?!" Goldust tries to fight out of the opposite team's corner, but he continues to get beat down by both opponents.

Alexander is tagged back in, kicks Daivari's feet out from under him and lands a massive kick to the face. Alexander tries to springboard in, but Daivari catches him in midair with Alexander hitting the top turnbuckle. Daivari continues to keep Alexander down, choking him with his feet in the corner. Alexander gets tossed out to the floor on his back and then thrown shoulder-first into the steel steps. Alexander back in the ring, tries to tag out, Daivari holds him back, goes for a pin, two. Alexander hits a jawbreaker, elbows to the face, handspring kick to the face lands!

Hot tag to Goldust, multiple clotheslines, bulldog on Gulak. Multiple punches to the face on Gulak. Two spinning powerslams on Gulak and Daivari. Goldust then heads up to the top rope, but ends up working his way to the bottom rope, hops off, and double punches. Alexander tags himself in, springboard clothesline, both Zo Train members on the outside. Alexander with a nice senton over the top rope, for a moment it looked like Goldust was going to fly too. Lumbar check on Gulak, pin, 1-2-3.

Winners: Goldust and Cedric Alexander via Pinfall