AJ Styles On Which Current WWE Stars Jarrett Has Helped, Working With Jarrett In The Bullet Club

Above is new video of WWE Champion AJ Styles discussing the 2018 WWE Hall of Fame induction of his former boss in TNA, Jeff Jarrett.

Styles says he was super excited for Jarrett when the induction was announced.


"Jeff started in the WWE. There were other things before that but WWE is where he made a name for himself, I think," Styles said. "I've worked with Jeff a lot, I've gotten to know Jeff personally. Everything he's done for me... I can't help but to be excited for him and to be proud that he's going to be in the WWE Hall of Fame."

When asked about how Jeff is outside of pro wrestling, Styles mentioned Jarrett's wife Jill passing away in 2007 and said he's just glad to be a friend of Jeff's.

"Well I can tell you Jeff's been through a lot. With his wife passing, I was with him during that, it was a tough time for him," he said. "For everything h e's been through and to fight through, I'm just glad to be a friend of his. He's got a great family. I'm just glad to be around him."


The WWE interviewer also mentioned how there are several WWE talents who have been influenced or helped by Jarrett in other companies but they did not mention TNA by name.

"Other companies? Jeff has helped... I think I could be the one he's helped the most, there's no doubt about that," Styles said. "But there are others here like Bobby Roode and Luke Gallows. There's a number of guys that you had forgot he's helped like Road Dogg and Ron Killings (R-Truth). There are so many that people don't even know that he's helped and definitely I am one of them."

AJ was also asked about Jarrett working with a "certain club" in Japan, The Bullet Club. He said, "A certain cub in Japan... Jeff made his way over there and again, we had fun. Listen, I love Jeff and I can't say enough good things about him."

The WWE Champion also predicted that we may hear the names of a few current WWE Superstars during the stories that Jarrett tells during his induction speech.