Alexa Bliss On Ronda Rousey Showing Up At The WWE Royal Rumble, Seeing How "Mean" Her Gimmick Can Be

Alexa Bliss spoke to the Las Vegas Review Journal before her WWE Raw Women's Championship Elimination Chamber match at tonight's PPV. Here are some of the highlights:

Ronda Rousey showing up after the Women's Royal Rumble:

"Nobody knew what was going on or that she was there. She came out, and it was definitely a surprise, but I think it's exciting that she comes to WWE because it brings a new fan base and a different dimension to WWE. It just shows it takes top athletes to do what we do, and the fact that one of UFC's top athletes wants to be in WWE, that's great."

Pushing the boundaries of her gimmick:

"Harley Quinn is the one the fans gravitated to the most. I love portraying characters and being dramatic. My mom would say I've been dramatic my whole life. It's just so fun for me to see what I can really get away with with this character, and how far I can go with it when it comes to being mean."

Taking advantage of any opportunities in WWE:

"When I was brought up to SmackDown, I was one of the underwhelming draft picks. I had to make the most out of every opportunity because a lot of times on WWE, if you don't deliver, those opportunities don't come back."

Bliss also discussed her bodybuilding days before WWE. You can check out the full interview by clicking here.


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