Bayley Stands Up To Elias (Video), Matt Hardy - "Broken" Trademarks, Rey Mysterio Best WWE Moments

- Above is the latest WWE Top 10 featuring Rey Mysterio's greatest moments in WWE. The collection includes: Mysterio appearing at this year's Royal Rumble, winning the Cruiserweight Champion, and Mysterio jumping off the top of a steel cage.

- According to PWInsider, Matt Hardy now officially owns the trademarks for Broken Matt, Brother Nero, Broken Brilliance, and Vanguard1. In January, Hardy reached a deal with Anthem Sports to own the intellectual property to his broken universe.

- For a few weeks now Bayley has been trying to get on the same page as her Mixed Match Challenge partner, Elias. She's tried wearing his shirts and playing the guitar, but Elias hasn't shown much interest. In the video below, Bayley tried once again, but he shooed her away and said he couldn't be bothered. Bayley then stood up to Elias and let him know she's a former women's champion and he needs her in the Mixed Match Challenge. Bayley continued that she'll win the match against Lana and Rusev with or without him.


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