Becky Lynch Cracks A Joke, NXT Star Creates Their Own Wrestling Gear (Video), CNN Article On WWE

- Above is from Bianca Belair's new YouTube channel where she showed how she made her own wrestling gear for an NXT live event in her hometown of Knoxville, Tennessee. Belair went to the University of Tennessee and wanted to represent the college by wearing orange. The entire outfit's cost was only $30 to put together.

- CNN Money ran an article today on the recent success WWE's stock has seen lately. Earlier this month, the stock saw an all-time high at $35.85 a share. The article points to the WWE Network and the continued growth on social media as some reasons why the company's stock continues to rise. It also noted while WWE doesn't attract top advertisers, the consistent (and year-round) ratings they bring in are "critical ratings contributors to NBC's largest cable network."

- Becky Lynch is never one to pass up on a good joke, posting another on Twitter last night.


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