Bianca Belair Reveals Who Inspired Her To Become A Pro Wrestler

NXT Star Bianca Belair is steadily rising up the women's roster over the past year. After spending most of her time competing at NXT live events, Belair started to grow popularity after impressive showings at the Mae Young Classic, defeating Sage Beckett and putting a valiant effort in her loss against tournament winner Kairi Sane.


Late last year, Belair scored a big win against Lacey Evans, and was a part of a battle royal to determine who will vie for the NXT Women's Championship. Recently, NXT has highlighted her even stronger, as she has defeated a string of talent to add dominance to her character.

Belair was recently interviewed by WBIR 10 News to promote her appearance at an NXT event in Knoxville. Belair explained the "EST" that she dons on her wardrobe, stating, "I am the strongest, I'm the toughest, I'm the roughest, I'm the quickest, I'm the fastest, I'm the greatest, I'm the best." One of Belair's trademarks is her long braid, which he often uses to whip her opponents. Belair explained how this is part of her character.


"I feel like I'm able to use all my talents, all of my abilities," said Belair. "I'm able to show my athleticism, I'm able to show my talents, my strength. I'm also able to show my creative side."

Belair credited her brother, Austin-East Magnet High School head football coach Jeff Phillips, for motivating her to become a pro wrestling.

"He was into it hardcore," said Belair, as both watched WWE and WCW events and recreate moves they saw on television. Ultimately, Belair is thankful for her family and support base at home to keep her going.

"I owe it to my family," said Belair. "I owe it to my support system here in East Knoxville.It's just an amazing feeling to be able to come back."

Source: WBIR 10 News