NJPW's Billy Gunn recently stopped by 317 Gimmick Street for an exclusive interview with WWE Hall Of Famer Steve Austin on The Steve Austin Show. During the podcast, Gunn talked about what it was like traveling with Austin. Austin shared his thoughts on some of his other past travel partners. Also, Gunn talked about a time Austin whooped 'The Assman''s behind.

At the outset of the interview, Austin asked Gunn who his favorite travel partner has been over the years. Chuck's better half revealed that traveling with Austin was a pain in 'Mr. Ass''s rear end.  

"I know you want me to say you," Gunn said, "but you were kind of a pain in the ass. Like, I know I know you're used to all your guests coming on here and going, 'Steve, you career was awesome! You were this,' but that ain't me! Like, having to get you water and snuff, that thing, and if I'd touch your water, you'd lose your mind! That's one thing about you I can remember, is that when we had our water in the car, if I even moved it or touched it, [imitating Austin], 'you didn't put your lips on this, did you?'"

Austin put Gunn over as being an excellent driver.

"One thing I used to enjoy about traveling with you, you [were] a good wheelman because I would not let all of my travel partners drive a vehicle. Now, you were a safe driver, an excellent driver."

While Austin was comfortable with Kevin Nash behind the wheel, 'The Rattlesnake' was less favorable about Mick Foley and 'Diamond' Dallas Page as travel companions.

"Kevin Nash I let drive, you… You don't let Mick Foley drive. Yeah, he can drive, he just can't drive worth a s--t! I love Mick and he'll admit it! But yeah, and DDP? Don't let that son of a b---h get [anywhere] near. Here's the thing, you can't even put DDP in the shotgun seat. He would hog it and he didn't have [any] seniority in the business. And he would have the seat, not etiquette for the dude in the back, have his seat leaned back, all the way back, so he's in the guy's lap. We used to call him 'the world's tallest 6'4" guy'."

As for the story of 'Stone Cold' beating 'Bad Ass''s derrière, the incident occurred at a hotel in New Orleans, Louisiana. Austin and Gunn scored the last vacant hotel room in the city and were going up to the room after having a few cocktails. Gunn said that Austin attacked him as they got into the hotel room, apparently for no reason.

"We get out of the car and I put the key in the door." Gunn recalled, "the door barely cracks and I get crushed! I thought somebody had tried to mug us. I literally get crushed and I look around and lo and behold it's little Steve, it's still little Steve, and he's trying to kick the s--t out of me! Like, I'm not understanding where this had come from. So I put the brakes on it by trying to choke him out. He goes, 'okay, okay, okay, okay, okay, okay.' I go, 'okay.' I get up, go to walk across to the couch, and wham, I get Pearl Harbored again! So now we're tussling around again. I finally hook him. What am I going to let you go for?"

Gunn continued, "I go, 'what is wrong with you? What are you doing?' I go, 'stop it!' He goes, 'okay.' I go, 'do you promise?' He goes, 'yes,' so I go this time and take him for his word. I let him up and here we go again. So now we're crashing through things. I hook him up again and I go, 'this is it.' I said to him, 'I'm going to rip your head off if you don't stop!' I go, 'stop!' He goes, 'okay.' I go, 'do you promise?' He goes, 'yes!' I go, 'do you swear?' He goes, 'yes, I swear on my kids.' I went, 'okay, alright.' So you swear on that. I get up. Here it comes! I'm walking through the door. He hits me into the door and goes, 'I've got billygoats!'"

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Source: The Steve Austin Show