Bray Wyatt Responds To Wife's Spousal Support Claims?, RAW Gauntlet Match Ratings Success, WWE Shop

- As noted, this past Monday's RAW averaged 3.282 million viewers. It was the third most watched episode of the year, behind RAW 25 and the post-Royal Rumble RAW, which averaged 3.395 million viewers. The two-hour Gauntlet match that opened the show was a huge success, with the first two hours averaging 3.51 million viewers before plunging 20% for the third hour, which drew 2.821 million viewers. Alfred Konuwa of Forbes has a column here looking at the success of the match, despite previous wrestling-heavy episodes – like the December 4th broadcast – seeing dips in viewership from the first to second hour. The article noted that the second hour was the most-watched second hour since RAW 25, even topping the post-Rumble RAW.


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- As noted yesterday, via The Daily Mail, Bray Wyatt's estranged wife, Samantha, claimed through her attorney that Wyatt hasn't been paying the legally mandated full amount of child and spousal support. Wyatt was reportedly ordered to pay Samantha $14,735 per month in spousal support, with an upfront payment of $50,000 to cover legal expenses. However, Wyatt has only been paying his wife $6,000, which is the amount he had previously agreed to. In legal documents filed on January 30th, Samantha claimed that Wyatt spent $11,000 on items like strip clubs and gifts allegedly for girlfriend JoJo Offerman, despite owing her money.


"This really is just the tip of the iceberg," Samantha's lawyer, Ray Rafool, told The Daily Mail. "He had already gone to Vegas and spent a lot of money at Nobu or one of the restaurants ? substantial amounts of money. He's told my client ? it's my money, not your money. It's my money. That's a dangerous and reckless mentality. It's not accurate under the law and it's not healthy for the family."

Wyatt apparently responded to the claims on Twitter, writing: