Dan Severn Calls Ken Shamrock A "Sham", Former WWE Star Training Him For His First UFC Event, More

Former UFC Hall Of Famer and former WWE Superstar Dan "The Beast" Severn joined the Duke Loves Rassin Podcast for an exclusive interview, which you can check out in the video above at the 15:06 mark. They sent us these highlights:

His toughest MMA opponent:

"I always credit Mark "The Hammer" Coleman for probably kicking me the hardest. I got kicked so hard I saw three of him and the other two were just a figment of my imagination."

If Al Snow really taught him how to throw a punch:

"I can say it just like this... YES! Al Snow taught me how to strike and he did a horrible job. If I'm going to throw myself under the bus I'm going to take Al with me! Watching me strike was like watching stand-up comedy. When I found out I was going to be in my first UFC I trained 5 days, an hour and a half a day. Between Al and his two other professional wrestling protégées, they only had 1 old pair of box gloves between them. So one guy would get tired, then the next would come in and then he'd get tired, and then the other one would come in. I stayed in the entire time and they'd be arguing with each other saying, 'it's your turn, no it's your turn.' I never trained a single strike or a single legitimate submission. I'd stay out of range, close in and take my opponent down and make them scream or squawk and I was good to go. I don't think you can find another human being that can make that claim that the trained an hour and a half a day for 5 days with 3 professional wrestlers in a wrestling ring and yet got the results I got in MMA."

Ken Shamrock:

"The Sham! The sham in the sense of not following through, the short change, the shim sham dance but couldn't back it up (regarding their scheduled fight in 2016 being cancelled after Shamrock pulled out due to injury). I should have never gone against him the very first time. When the match was being set up, I questioned UFC [asking] 'how is this a Superfight?' The man has never won anything. I've been in Superfights in amateur wrestling against people that have actually won things. Shamrock had that sterioded-up physique that the UFC wanted to push at the time. They wanted to push someone who looked like that instead of someone who looked like Tank Abbott. I MADE Ken Shamrock by losing to him in one match. Name anyone he's ever beat since then. Nobody! I'm not trying to be mean, but I rub people's face in the truth.

UFC President Dana White:

"The F-Bomb king. He says the F-Bomb quite a bit. He even has it on a painting up on his wall. The F-Bomb King."

UFC legend Don "The Predator" Frye:

"Almost every November the interviews come up; who's got the better mustache. I always say Don is younger and his is much bigger and bolder but at least I'm the originator. Don was one of my wrestlers when I was coaching at Arizona State; he was living with my Younger Brothers. I still talk to Don on a monthly basis."